New release! Cd "Riza"

After the first cd "Simio" [Point] (2012) the new album "Riza" (Root) is released in December 2013 by ANTart Productions.
Find the whole album “Riza” (with lyrics, credits and links on screen for easy transition from one track to another or purchase) as well as the Official Video “Υia mia filia” on YouTube here

You can also buy the album "Riza":

1. Digitally (Digital Album) on:
Google Play:
Apple Music:
Antart Productions:

2. CD (Compact Disc-physical form):
Antart Productions Website:
and in all record stores of Greece by Antart Productions. Indicatively:

a) Music Corner (Panepistimiou 56), 
b) Reload (Panepistimiou 54) & 
c) Nikos Xilouris (Panepistiniou 39, Stoa Pesmazoglou and Museum of Greek Folk Music Instruments, Diogenous 1-3, Aerides-Plaka)

Aerakis (Corai Sq. 14)